RestorativeExercise MOVE WELL, BE WELL

Movement is major element in establishing overall health within the body. With restorative exercise programs, you are provided an individualized program(s) to perform on a daily or every other day basis, to regain and/or maintain function of muscles and joints.

First, a full physical assessment of your movement patterns are tested and recorded. Along with your physical assessment, a full health and exercise history is discussed to ensure safety and appropriate design of your individualized program. Second, you will work one on one with a trainer where the exercises are demonstrated and taught to ensure proper form and technique.

While restorative in nature, this training also provides preventative advantages. Your body will be shown HOW to move more effectively, intuitively and naturally to reduce the probability of injuries. With the goals of correcting muscular and structural imbalances, your body will be able to perform daily tasks without pain or discomfort.

After injuries, most people are nervous to move or exercise and often remain sedentary. We help by providing a safe environment to relearn how to move so you can confidently return to your favourite activities. By helping to strengthen your musculoskeletal structure, you will have a better functioning body inside and out.

A suitable option for ANY age or ability.

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