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Dr Ajay Lad B.Sc., ND., R.Ac

Naturopathic Doctor, Registered Acupuncturist

Saima Sheikh CTM, CTT

Certified Clinical Thermographic Technician & Breast Health Educator

Cheri Bracic

Certified Usui Reiki Master & Teacher, Certified Huna Practitioner

Dawn Arch

Office Administrator x221

Dr Ajay Lad B.Sc., ND., R.Ac.

Naturopathic Doctor, Registered Acupuncturist

Ajay Lad is a licensed naturopathic doctor whose main areas of clinical interest are gastrointestinal health, detoxification and treatment of anxiety and stress related disorders.  In order to successfully treat an individual, one must fully understand what that individual has gone through, both physically and emotionally.  Ajay obtains information via a thorough case taking, physical examination, as well as the usage of Electrodermal Testing.  Everything is focused on generating treatment protocols that are specific to the individual so that the root cause is properly addressed.  Ultimately the goal is to help the body heal itself.

After graduating from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM), Ajay has kept himself busy by appearing on numerous television shows as a medical expert such as Medical Intelligence and Diagnosis MD.  His clinic was also featured on the television series Badhai Ho.  Besides writing for various publications, Ajay has become involved in the future of the profession by sitting on the Board of Directors of the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors (OAND) for 2 years.  Apart from his two private practices, he supervises at CCNM and currently runs the Naturopathic Division of the LAMP Community Health Centre on behalf of the college.  As part of giving back to the community, Ajay also runs wellness workshops for the Toronto District School Board across the GTA and the Early Years Centre of Milton.

Come see why he was voted Milton’s Favorite Naturopathic Doctor.

Saima Sheikh CTM, CTT

Certified Clinical Thermographic Technician & Breast Health Educator

Saima Sheikh is the Clinic Director of Thermography Clinic Milton Inc. She is a certified Clinical Thermographic Technician (CTT) with the Canadian Association of Clinical Thermography and completed her training at the Toronto Thermography Clinic Inc. under the direct training and supervision of Alexander Mostovoy, Board Certified Clinical Thermologist. As part of the women’s health specialist industry, Saima offers women a non-invasive & pain-free technology that detects abnormalities in the body (mainly breasts) in their earliest stages. Thermography offers early risk assessment with zero radiation and no compression. She is passionate about her journey to wellness, especially breast health, and shares her experiences and knowledge with others as a speaker & breast health educator through workshops at the clinics. Saima has made it her mission to bring this exciting technology to all women, “What is really exciting to me is that we can change the methods of assessing breast diseases by providing this incredible service offering an early warning (up to 10 years!). As women, we now have a “second line of defense” through breast thermography. I encourage women to take control of their own health, and stop the “wait for a lump” approach. 

Saima knows the importance of risk assessment when it comes to assessing breast diseases, especially for someone like her, whose family has been touched by the disease, ” Losing my grandmother to breast cancer at the age of 22 was difficult indeed.” One finds some sort of peace when reminding themselves that although they will be missed, they did live a relatively good & long life. They were able to enjoy their grandchildren and even witness the birth of a great-grandson.

For Saima witnessing her mother fight breast cancer not once, but twice, was a whole other chapter in her life. Saima was a month away from turning 29 and her third pregnancy resulted in twin girls. Not only was she was raising 4 children, she further had to deal with terrifying news that her mother was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer. Saima had two options…allow this devastation to get the better of her and plunge into a state of depression or educate herself and be strong for her mom. Saima spent multiple nights online reading and researching about her condition and what she could do to help her, both physically and emotionally. She wanted her not to give up and to build the will to fight. Saima’s mom ultimately fought and won but only after a lumpectomy, lots of chemotherapy and radiation.

After a remission period of 7 years, when they thought that they won a good fight, her mother felt another lump but this time in the other breast. She can still remember the intense eerie feeling Saima had as she physically confirmed that there indeed was a lump. But this time her mom had become so spiritual at this point in her life that she was calm, very calm. Again, her mother was submerged in chemo, some radiation but rather than weakening herself she instead made the decision to have a double-mastectomy performed as this was the best advised course of action.

Needless to say how troubling and terrifying this can be for a daughter. Saima was extremely concerned for her twin daughters as she hoped & prayed that she will not have them endure anything remotely close to what she had experienced. 

Saima chose Thermography, which is FDA approved as an adjunctive tool to mammography. Thermography (digital infrared thermal imaging) is a test of physiology and assesses subtle changes that could be markers to future breast health issues. In addition to early risk assessment for assessing breast diseases, it is also useful in assessing Thyroid Dysfunction, Dental Pathology, Immune System Disorders & Physical injuries, where sports medicine clinics often use it as a risk assessment tool. 

My mission is to educate the public as well as Physicians about adding thermography to every women’s breast health screening. My future goal is to be a partner with all breast cancer patient support groups. Thermography found me and it has given me a renewed purpose in my career. In this chapter of my life I am focused on making a difference in the lives of other mothers & their daughters alike…”

"Your health is something that you need to take charge of. Be informed, be proactive!
Come in and get screened! It will be the best thing you do for YOU!"

Early detection is important, but prevention is the key!

Cheri Bracic

Certified Usui Reiki Master & Teacher, Certified Huna Practitioner

Cheri began her Energy Healing journey with the gentle and beautiful practice of Reiki. Reiki is a technique based on the principles that the practitioner aids in the natural healing process of the client. This helps to restore physical and emotional well-being on all levels. It was through her studies of Reiki in which she received her certification as a Usui Shinpiden Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher in January of 2016 that sparked an inner desire to dig deeper into the understanding of ENERGY and how it works within our bodies. It was at this point that she was introduced to the powerful healing modality of Huna.Huna is a Hawaiian based Energy Healing technique that has been handed down through many centuries and teachings. Huna is a way of thinking, doing, and being with processes and techniques that can assist in personal growth, development and inner healing. Cheri received her certification as a Huna Healing Initiate in March of 2017, and continued on to receive full certification as a Huna Practitioner in June of 2017.Cheri brings her passion for healing and focuses on empowering her clients to be active participants in their own healing and wellbeing through the practices of Reiki and Huna.

For inquiries or to book an Energy Healing session please call, email or visit at www.innertrust.ca

Dr Katie D’Souza B.Sc., N.D

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Katie D’Souza is an expert in the art of helping you feel amazing! A skilled naturopathic doctor, her passion for natural healing began at a young age. Growing up in rural Milton, ON, as a child she spent many hours outdoors in nature, hiking, gardening, and farming. Her observances of wild plants led her to the question: “what is these plants’ purpose?” and, ultimately, to its answer: the world of natural medicine.

Dr. Katie has mastered the art and science of medicine. As a patient, you’ll experience this through consultations, physical exams, lab work, and other assessment tools. Your concerns will be heard, and Dr. Katie will design an individualized, workable treatment plan for you, so you can achieve great health.

A fully licensed naturopathic medical practitioner, Dr. Katie holds an Honours BSc in biology, an ND from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine’s 4 year, accredited program. She also has additional training in digestive health (including food sensitivities, colitis, IBS, Crohn’s, gastritis and heartburn), anxiety and depression, and womens’ health.

Dr. Katie loves to inspire others, and has helped thousands enjoy their lives by experiencing vibrant health.

Dr Monique Bassan B.Sc. (Hon), N.D.

Naturopathic Doctor

Monique Bassan is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor who provides practical natural health solutions to fit your unique lifestyle and needs. Her areas of interest include digestive health, hormonal health, skin health, women’s health, pain management as well as anti-aging and Cosmetic Acupuncture.

Working with patients of all ages, Monique believes in providing compassionate care using education on the science of nature to establish a motivating force towards improving health with the hope of preventing future health issues.

Monique can also provide: specialized testing (including Functional Medicine Testing); recommendations on nutritional therapies such as diet/herbal/supplement therapy as well as acupuncture treatment.

Monique holds a degree in Naturopathy from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. She is also a member of the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors and the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors.

Outside work in the clinic, Monique lives in Milton and is pleased to serve Milton and its surrounding areas. She gives regular public seminars on Nutrition and Naturopathic Medicine, loves to cook and re-create health-inspired dishes from classic recipes. Some of her creations may be found on her blog (www.moniquebassanND.com). She is also a firm believer in a balanced lifestyle, DIY-enthusiast and practices Yoga Meditation daily.

For booking or inquiries, please visit www.moniquebassanND.com

Sheri Medina

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

Sheri’s approach to treatment is subtle and suitable for anyone looking for help understanding their own pain story.  Osteopathy with Sheri is for those looking for relief from physical pain, mental stress and changing their lives from a state of surviving to thriving. Treatment can include exercise prescription, goal setting in the areas of; exercising for health and weight loss, reframing thoughts on food, stress and lifestyle modifications, sleep habits, breathing for function and mindfulness.

The goal of treatment is to improve and restore normal movement patterns to help physiological function of all body systems. In doing so, this  helps enhance the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Assessments are performed each treatment to identify and ease restrictions thus reducing pain.

A variety of manual techniques such as stretching, tractioning, gentle pressure and respiration aid in helping the body’s nervous system and tissues relax. A whole body approach allows for an integrative and stable approach to easing pain, with attention on specific areas when needed.

Osteopathy is covered by extended health care. A receipt will be provided for you to submit to your insurance company.

For more information about Osteopathic Services, please visit www.miltonosteopathy.ca