Osteopathy - Helping from the OUTSIDE IN

Osteopathy is a client-centred manual therapy that combines science and art to achieve health within the body. It’s based on understanding that if something is wrong with the body’s structure, over time it will impede its ability to function optimally. Osteopathy offers a variety of techniques to help enhance the body’s inherent ability to heal by removing unnecessary compensation.

Therapeutic modalities used include;
– Myofascial release and mobilization
– Oscillatory release
– Visceral techniques
– Craniosacral
– Respiration and movement

Our Osteopathic Manual Practitioner specializing in the following areas;

– Infants; colic, torticollis, breastfeeding challenges due to tongue/lip tie, etc.
– Teens; growing pains, ADD/ADHD, anxiety/depression, etc.
– All ages; Digestive disturbances such as IBS/D, constipation, migraines/TMJD, fibromialgia, typical neck, back and joint pain
– Pre and postnatal; pelvic girdle pain, sleep/mood health, edema, De Quervain’s tenosynovitis
– Scar tissue; post-surgical incisions, laparoscopic, c-sections (even years later!)

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